Black Friday padel 2023, the best padel rackets with incredible discounts

Black Friday padel 2023, on Friday 24 November awaits you the biggest showcase of the world padel with the lowest prices on the market. And is that in Keepadel, the great novelty in shops specializing in padel, we will be offering for a week the best padel deals on the market. A week in which you can complete your padel arsenal with padel rackets, shoes, padel racks and all kinds of accessories and accessories with the best brands in the market. 


This Black Friday in the world of padel, a week of unparalleled discounts awaits you that will mark a milestone in our history. In Keepadel, we are excited to offer you a unique opportunity to take advantage of the best offers of Black Friday padel 2023. You choose your favourite products and we guarantee you the most spectacular offers! Don't miss this opportunity to save like never before.


Did you know what Black Friday 2023 is? 


Padel Black Friday, known as Black Friday in Spain, is the golden opportunity to buy your favourite products with significant savings. This great day for commerce and consumers, originating in the USA and celebrated one day after Thanksgiving, brings together the best offers from all shops, such as padel shops. Therefore it is the perfect date for padel players of all levels to find the most attractive discounts on padel rackets, shoes, padel racks, clothing and a wide range of accessories, of course from the best brands. At Keepadel, our products will stand out with extraordinary discounts, ensuring that you take advantage of the biggest savings of the year.


Padel Black Friday is the ideal occasion to get significant savings on your favourite padel products. It is the perfect opportunity to purchase the best padel rackets of the moment, including those used by the biggest World Padel Tour stars of the moment, along with all the necessary equipment. On this special day, in Keepadel, we put a strong emphasis on offering our users and buyers the best option to save the most on their purchases.


This Black Friday, November 24th, will be the perfect day to complete your padel equipment with everything you need to jump on the court with an extra motivation and in Keepadel we will help you find it.


Black Friday 2023 arrives with irresistible discounts at Keepadel, with offers on the leading brands and paddle rackets. Discover the lowest prices of the year in a wide selection of products from leading brands and top models. Keepadel, the leader in paddle distribution in Spain and Europe, offers you the best discounts for this Black Friday.




On what date is the Black Friday Padel?


Black Friday Padel 2023 is just around the corner, and in Keepadel, we believe that one day is not enough for the countless offers that we are going to promote. So our customers can enjoy a whole week of exclusive discounts on the best brands of paddle, from 20 to 26 November, get ready to enjoy seven days of incredible prices that will arouse the same excitement that you felt the night of the Three Kings. 


Get ready for the most spectacular week of offers of the year on Black Friday Padel 2023. For 7 days, incredible discounts that will surprise the great fans of padel are waiting for you. Stay tuned to our website, as these crazy prices will leave you breathless, the countdown to Black Friday 2023 starts now!


At Keepadel, Black Friday Padel 2023 will become a week of unparalleled discounts. Every day, you will find amazing deals on our website, ranging from paddle rackets of all brands, shoes and any type of accessory. We are committed to bring you the lowest prices of the year on all our products. Stay tuned because we are going to give it all. We have worked hard throughout the year to always offer you the best: top quality products, the most competitive prices in the market and an exceptional service with deliveries in 24/48 hours. In addition, we have real stock in all our products to give you the maximum peace of mind in your purchases.

Black Friday 2023: Padel rackets, shoes, clothing and accessories available on Black Friday 2023 


In November returns the Black Friday 2023 and with it the best discounts on padel equipment on the market. In Keepadel we offer you the best selection of products from the leading brands in the industry such as Adidas, Nox, Head, Bullpadel, Siux and many more. Do not miss the opportunity!


And it is that from Keepadel we will do the best job of selection so that you find what you are looking for at the best price on Black Friday 2023. The Adidas racket of Ale Galán, the Nox of Tapia or the Head of Arturo Coello, as well as an impressive selection of shoes and paddle accessories.


For this we have the best specialists in padel in the sector with more than 10 years of experience in padel stores and with total product knowledge in order to help you find your ideal product. There is less time left for Black Friday 2023!





The best paddle rackets on the market on Black Friday 2023



In our catalog of padel rackets Black Friday 2023 you will have access to the most exclusive brands on the market and the rackets of World Padel Tour players, of course with the best discounts and incredible offers, a unique opportunity to buy the padel racket of your dreams!


The brands that you can find in this Black Friday 2023 section are Adidas, Head, Nox, Power Padel, Siux, Nox and many more.


Black friday Adidas padel. Adidas padel racket 2023 at the best price.


This Black Friday is the ideal time to find the Adidas racket you've been looking for for months. You can choose from the highest ranges such as the Adidas Multiweight by Alex Ruiz, the Metalbone 3.2 racket by Ale Galán or the best women's racket on the market, the Adidas Adipower Light 3.2 by Martita Ortega. Stay tuned, November 24 is just around the corner!


But not only will you be able to choose the high level Adidas bats with discounts, you will also have the option to get mid-level bats on offer as the new Adidas Adipower Team with its attack and control bats, the Adidas RX series of bats with its Carbon, Light and Greenpadel models and, of course, the initiation bats as the Adidas Drive 3.2 and Match 3.2. 


Finally, the great Adidas children's paddles such as the Metalbone Youth 3.2 and the Adipower JR 3.2 will also be available.


Adidas Metalbone 3.2 Rackets


Celebrate Black Friday 2023 with the Adidas Metalbone 3.2 2023 rackets, ideal for advanced or professional players. Its Diamond Oversize shape and customizable weight of 345-360 grams guarantee a perfect balance. With the Weight and Balance system, adjust the weight of the bridge from 0 to 12 grams according to your preferences, managing control and power.


Used by Alejandro Galán, one of the best players on the World Padel Tour, this racket combines format, weight, materials and technology to meet the needs of padel professionals. Experience its oversize diamond format and the optimized energy of its strokes with the Octagonal Structure. Made with aluminized carbon and EVA Soft Performance rubber for exceptional performance. A high performance option for padel pros, you can find it on our Black Friday at the best price on the market!


Adidas Multiweight CTRL 3.2 racket



Get the Adidas Adipower Multiweight CTRL 2023 rackets on Black Friday 2023, the choice of Alex Ruiz, professional paddle player. Designed for advanced or professional players, this control racket with round shape and customizable weight allows you to adapt it to your playing style. It incorporates Dual Exoskeleton technology, with double-height ribs that reinforce the core and frame, along with the outer carbon rib to enhance your shots.


Its sand-shaped relief improves ball grip, while the curved holes make it easier to apply spin. Structural Reinforcement technology reinforces the body of the racket to resist twisting during matches.


With a carbon frame and 18K carbon surface, this racket combines durability and performance. The medium-low flex maximizes power on every shot, while the EVA High Memory rubber inside provides efficient technique.


If you are an experienced player, this racket offers power and manageable control. Thanks to the Weight and Balance system, you can customize the weight of the frame up to 12 grams, bringing the balance to the top for aggressive play or reducing it to the grip for more control. Take advantage of Black Friday to get this quality and durable racket at an exceptional price.


Adidas Adipower LIGHT 3.2 2023

You can also take advantage of Black Friday 2023 to get the best women's racket on the market Adidas Adipower LIGHT 3.2 2023, the racket chosen by Martita Ortega. Designed for advanced players looking for control, power and spin in their strokes, this racket stands out for its round shape and medium-low balance, offering precision in every movement.


The carbon and fiberglass frame provides rigidity and stability, allowing you to generate power in your shots. The Dual eXoskeleton technology in the core of the racket increases the rigidity of the frame, giving you additional stability and power. In addition, Power Embossed Ridge technology on the faces of the racket improves the spin and accuracy of your shots.


With Spin Blade technology on the edge of the racket, you will be able to give more spin to your shots, ideal for players looking to vary their game. This racket maximizes the sweet spot and reduces vibrations on off-center hits, giving you greater comfort on the court.


In summary, the Adidas Adipower LIGHT 3.2 2023 is a high quality racket for advanced players looking for balance between control, power and spin, with the advantage of a lighter weight than the Adidas Adipower CTRL 3.2. Take advantage of Black Friday to get this racket at an exceptional price.





Bullpadel, the brand of the moment will also be on Black Friday 2023.



Get ready for Black Friday 2023 and take advantage of the incredible discounts on Bullpadel paddle rackets! This Black Friday, our favorite Bullpadel paddle rackets will be available at lower prices than ever. It's the opportunity all paddle lovers have been waiting for to take their game to the next level without breaking their budget. Don't miss the chance to get your hands on a quality racket at an unbeatable price - stay tuned and get ready to save like never before on Black Friday 2023!


The Bullpadel Hack racket of Paquito Navarro or the Vertex of Juan Tello and Fede Chngotto through the incredible Vertex Comfort of Martin Di Nenno. Also available at a very reduced price will be the best women's rackets on the market as Alejandra Salazar's Flow racket, Gemma Triay's Elite or Delfi Brea's Vertex Woman.


Also available will be the great Bullpadel blades intermediate level as the Bullpadel Axym, the Ionic racket or the classic Bullpadel BP10 or K2 Power. And of course the junior blades that mimic the blades of the great players World Padel Tour as the racket Hack or Vertex Junior.

Discover the best Head bats on offer


In the exciting Black Friday 2023, Head padel rackets stand out for their outstanding value for money, becoming real bestsellers. They offer high-level performance at surprisingly affordable prices, making them a smart choice for players of all levels.


Head, like many other brands, features a wide variety of paddles, many of them Keepadel exclusives, each tailored to different playing styles and skill levels. In this special week of Black Friday 2023 deals, we are excited to bring you some of the most outstanding models from our Head catalog.


Three of the Head bats that you can find in our Black Friday are the Head Delta Plus, the Gamma Pro Ltd and the Zephyr UL, all of them with amazing discounts of up to 60%. These versatile paddles are ideal for intermediate to advanced players looking for a balance between power and control in their game. With Graphene frames and Foam rubber cores, they offer exceptional performance at a price you simply can't pass up.


In short, Black Friday 2023 is the perfect opportunity to equip yourself with a quality padel racket at exceptional prices. Don't miss these exclusive offers on our website and get ready to improve your game with the best in padel rackets.


Head Gamma Pro Ltd racket


Black Friday 2023 brings the Head Graphene 360 Gamma Pro racket with a stunning design! This paddle jewel combines green and blue colors in a round and balanced format. Ideal for advanced and professional players looking for control and power.


With a weight of 370 grams and a 38 mm frame profile, this racket is light but strong thanks to its carbon and graphene construction. The Power Foam core offers power and speed without sacrificing control, while the Anti-Shock technology reduces vibrations.


Its unique geometric design and black and apple green color scheme make it attractive and fashionable - dominate the court in style on Black Friday!


Head Delta Plus Padel Racket 


Black Friday 2023 introduces the Graphene Delta Plus padel racket! Designed for advanced players and attacking players, this racket expands the sweet spot and offers a controlled margin of error with its innovative diamond shape.


Graphene 360+ in the frame provides exceptional power and quick response on every shot. It reinforces the structure in all directions, optimizing energy transfer and improving stability for powerful, accurate shots.


If you're looking for elite performance, this racket is for you. Generate power and control, dominating the court with aggressive and precise shots. Take your game to the next level with the Delta Graphene 360+ racket on Black Friday - be a champion on the court!


Head Zephyr UL racket


Black Friday 2023 brings you the revolutionary Head ZEPHYR UL 2022 racket! An evolution in modern padel with an exceptional technical approach, designed for intermediate players. Experience superior control and precision on every shot thanks to the 360 Graphene technology.


Its round shape and carbon frame offer optimal comfort and soft feel on the court. Don't underestimate the influence of your equipment on your performance. Take your game to the next technical level with the Head ZEPHYR UL 2022 on Black Friday - dominate the court with this cutting-edge racket!


Why buy on Keepadel's Black Friday 2023?


In Keepadel we believe that money should not be an impediment to enjoy your favorite sport. That is why we have spent months of hard work to make this Black Friday 2023 the perfect time to complete your paddle arsenal and for this we have made a great selection of paddle rackets for you to choose the one that best suits your budget.


Adidas, Head, Nox, Power Padel, Black Crown... All the leading brands in the sector will be present in this paddle party that will begin on Monday November 20th and will end on Sunday 26th. The moment you've been waiting all year!


We will notify all our followers through social networks and there will be a timer on our website. At the moment it ends you will be able to enter to look for the best offers in padel in the market.


Take advantage of Black Friday to breathe new life into your paddle arsenal with Keepadel. We're offering many of our products at discounts of up to 70%. Exclusive items that only we have access to, rackets from previous seasons being cleared out for these dates, and a few surprises we'll unveil in due time.


It's now or never. During Black Friday, these discounts will last only a few days, and due to the seasonal changes in collections from major brands, stock will be extremely limited. It's the perfect opportunity to get the best rackets on the market at the lowest prices!


We'll be continuously updating to provide you with the best options at the best prices. That's why our latest warehouse products will have even greater discounts. Will you wait until the last day?

The top brands in the market are joining Black Friday 2023.


Keepadel's Black Friday 2023 is the perfect occasion for all paddle enthusiasts. In this event, you'll find an exclusive selection of the best brands and standout models of the year. From high-performance rackets to quality clothing and accessories, our catalog covers everything you need to shine on the court.


Don't miss the opportunity to save money on your favorite paddle products during this week of incredible discounts. At Keepadel, we've worked tirelessly to offer you irresistible deals on a wide range of products. So, get ready to enjoy special prices and exclusive discounts that will make your shopping experience even more exciting.


Whether you're a professional player or a paddle enthusiast, Keepadel's Black Friday has something for everyone. Browse our website and discover the promotions that will help you improve your game and look stylish on the court. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this thrilling shopping event and make the most of Keepadel's Black Friday 2023. We welcome you with open arms!

Adidas, Head, Nox, Power Padel, Bullpadel, Dunlop, and other brands at up to 70% off.


Among the standout offers of this Black Friday 2023, you'll find iconic paddles like the Bullpadel Hack by Paquito Navarro, Hack Control, the Bullpadel Vertex by Juan Tello and Fede Chingotto, as well as options designed specifically for women, such as the Delfi Brea's Vertex 2 Woman and Alejandra Salazar's Bullpadel Flow. Get ready to enjoy exceptional discounts on a wide range of Bullpadel products and enhance your game on the court. This Black Friday 2023 is an unparalleled occasion for paddle enthusiasts. A great opportunity to own the paddle from your favorite brand!


Adidas Padel is also joining Black Friday 2023. This renowned international sports brand is part of the celebration with a spectacular selection of offers on products like paddle rackets used by World Padel Tour players, such as Ale Galán's Metalbone 3.2, Álex Ruiz's Adipower MultiWeight, or the market's top women's racket, Martita Ortega's Adipower Light 3.2, as well as intermediate-level options like the Adidas Drive 3.2 and the Adidas Match. A brand that never disappoints and will not be absent from Black Friday!


Power Padel rackets undoubtedly stand out as true gems in the paddle market. Their diverse range includes paddle classics like the Power Padel Black Brillo and Pink Mate. But it also gives you the option to explore a spectrum of possibilities, from high-end rackets like the Witch Blue or Red to intermediate-level paddles priced around 80 euros, like the Power Padel Pink Brillo II. This is the perfect opportunity to add Power Padel's exceptional creations to our selection.


But that's not all! Get ready for Black Friday 2023 with the best paddle racket deals from Nox! This year, Nox is joining the festivities with incredible discounts on their range of high-quality paddle rackets. If you're a paddle enthusiast, you can't miss this opportunity to acquire a top-level racket at unbeatable prices.


Nox paddle rackets are known for their technological innovation and exceptional performance on the court. Whether you're an experienced player or looking for a paddle racket to start with, Nox has the perfect option for you. Discover rackets designed to enhance your game and improve your performance, regardless of your skill level.


Black Friday 2023 is the ideal moment to acquire a discounted Nox paddle racket. Take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts on standout models like the advanced-level Nox Hero, the intermediate-level Nox X-ONE, the Nox AT10 Genius Junior, or any other paddle of your choice. Elevate your game to the next level with Nox's quality and technology at lower prices than ever before.


Don't miss the opportunity to get the Nox paddle racket you've always wanted during Black Friday 2023. Seize these exceptional deals and equip yourself with the best in the world of paddle!


And finally, this Black Friday 2023, explore the irresistible offers on Head paddle rackets, a leading brand in the world of paddle. Head is synonymous with quality, innovation, and exceptional paddle performance, and this event is your perfect chance to acquire a high-end paddle racket at incredible prices.


Head paddle rackets are known for their advanced technology and meticulous design, tailored to meet the demands of the most discerning players like Arturo Coello, Ari Sánchez, and Paula José María. Whether you're an experienced player or just starting out, Head has the perfect paddle for you. Find a wide range of models designed to enhance your game and take you to the next level, regardless of your skill level.


During Black Friday 2023, discover exceptional discounts on popular Head paddle rackets like the Head Graphene 360 Gamma Pro, the advanced-level Head Delta Plus, or the intermediate-level Head Zephyr U.L, among many others. These exclusive offers will allow you to acquire a top-quality paddle racket at reduced prices.


Don't miss the opportunity to invest in a high-quality Head paddle racket during Black Friday 2023. Take advantage of these unique offers and equip yourself with the best in the world of paddle.


When did Black Friday start in Spain?


As we all know, the tradition of Black Friday, associated with stores and their offers, has its roots in the United States. Legend suggests that its name is related to the downfall of two financial giants in the late 19th century, way back in the past.


In Spain, Black Friday began to garner attention and popularity around 2010. In those early years, some brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce businesses initiated their campaigns to celebrate this day of shopping. After achieving impressive numbers and unparalleled success in these endeavors, many other businesses joined this trend.


Why is it such a significant date for e-commerce?


At Keepadel, we are excited to join Black Friday 2023 and start this big day on the right foot, offering consumers exactly what they desire at the most competitive prices in the market. Being our first year participating in this trend, we are thrilled to be part of the paddle e-commerce community celebrating this event.


We strive to establish ourselves as a reference in the world of paddle, and though this is our debut on Black Friday, we are determined to make a difference. Day by day, we work with renewed energy and unwavering enthusiasm to make Black Friday 2023 a truly special experience for both our valued customers and ourselves. This outstanding effort involves every corner of our company and demands remarkable resources and dedication from our entire organization.

At Keepadel, we are committed to providing you with a unique experience on this Black Friday, and we hope you join us to discover the exceptional offers and discounts we have prepared for you this year.

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