What is the difference between a high-end padel racket and a low-end padel racket?

High-end padel rackets are usually made of higher quality materials, such as carbon fibre, which gives them greater strength and durability. In addition, they tend to have a more careful design and a greater number of technologies incorporated to improve the performance of the game. On the other hand, low-end rackets are usually made of cheaper materials such as fibreglass and their performance is aimed at beginner level players.

How to choose the right padel racket?

Choosing the right padel racket will depend on several factors, such as level of play, frequency of practice, style of play and personal preferences. It is important to try several padel rackets before deciding which one is the most suitable, and it is also advisable to have the advice of an expert in the field. In Keepadel we count on these experts to help you choose the right racket.

What kind of shoes should I wear to play padel?

Padel shoes should be specific for this sport, as they offer greater stability and grip on the court. It is advisable to choose shoes with herringbone soles, which are grippier and allow you to move more easily. In addition, footwear should be comfortable and made of breathable materials to avoid excessive sweating.

How do I keep my padel racket in good condition?

To keep your padel racket in good condition, it is advisable to clean it after each use with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid leaving it exposed to the sun or extreme temperatures, and protect it from knocks or scratches by using a protective cover. It is also advisable to change the grip of the racket frequently to avoid excessive wear and tear.

What is the most suitable clothing for playing padel?

The right clothing for playing padel should be comfortable, breathable and allow good freedom of movement. It is advisable to choose specific clothing for this sport, such as technical shirts and shorts, which are made of materials that allow perspiration and sweat evaporation. In addition, it is important to use sun protection and wear a cap or visor to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

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